Should I Go Offset or Stay Digital?

To begin with, if you’re asking whether you should stick to one printing method or just switch over to the other then you probably don’t understand either methods too well. That’s okay though. To be fair, a lot of designers don’t know these differences because no one tells them and they just kind of figure out which is better and for what as they go. At lemongraphic.sg, that changes. It’s fair on our part to let our clients know the possibilities if they learn new methods of printing.

Before we dive any further into the matter, it’s worth mentioning that any good designer needs a go to printing shop that offers both printing options. Before an order can be finalised for a client, you will need to run it by them a few times and since you want to show them multiple options, you’ll have to stick with digital printing.

However, once your client approves of your design and proceeds to confirm the printing, you’ll need an offset printer. Since offset printing essentially means stamping a design onto some material, you can get a lot of printing done fast, for cheaper and with consistent quality. You also have the option of printing on more materials than just card paper.

You need to be able to print in bulk and with better pan tones. You need more colour matching options and that is why you can’t just stay stuck with a digital printing shop your whole career – unless your job is only to finalise designs and not actually produce the end result. Just think about how silly it would be if a newspaper firm started printing all their papers using a digital printer – you see why that’s a bad idea now?