SEO: An Intro And a Few Tips to Excel in It

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is generally referred to as, means to make the online presence of a business or brand greater. These results are not monetary driven and are often referred to as natural results. SEO includes increasing popularity, traffic, interaction, observation and presence of the brand online and digitally and it does not include paid promotions. This happens after a wide range of skill set, experience and technical knowledge comes together. It is a misconception that facebook does not affect the search engine ranking of a business.

Facebook advertisements play a leading role in determining the rank of your website on a search engine by giving the relevancy and user engagement analysis and data to search engines. It helps make certain keywords associated with your website. For instance if you type anything, any word and add the word “video” after it, a search engine like Google will pop up a link to a Youtube video because the word video is relevant to Youtube, the video streaming website. Hence it is important to keep the SEO and Facebook advertising on the same page and one should be included in the plans of the other. They complement each other.

So here are a few tips to know and remember whenever you are doing Search Engine Optimization. The first step is to pick up a good key word and you can use the Google Keyword planner for that. It helps in finding out what people type the most to look up for one single thing. When once you’ve found out the most searched term, you can use that and then you need to research your competition. You can do that by going through the top 5-7 links after you type that word and you can work on your website to fill those voids that are left by your competition. This way you’ll attract the most traffic.