Maintaining Your Kitchen Knives

Regardless of whether you buy the most expensive car or the most beautiful home, if you do not put in the time and effort into maintaining it, you will end up ruining it. So, your car will start running into problems and will not perform that efficiently, and your house can end up losing its beauty. This principle applies to every aspect of your life from your relationships to your kitchen.

Every cook needs to know how to maintain their knives, because if you do not take care of your knives, they end up becoming dull really quickly, and lose their efficiency. So, regardless of how quick you might work in the kitchen, dull knives will end up slowing you down and have you put in a lot more effort. If you are interested in learning more about maintaining your kitchen knives, you can keep on reading below, and if you want to read through professional reviews and tips, you can check out knifegeeky – Brain M Casey’s Blog for more information.

  • You want to only use your knife on plastic and wooden cutting boards.
  • You want to keep your knife dry and clean, and always wipe it when you are switching meats, vegetables or anything else that needs to be cut.
  • Do not keep your knife in water for too long. So, do not let it soak for hours on end. If there is food stuck then soak in for a few minutes and then quickly wash it with warm water and then dry the knife.
  • You need to hone your knife in order to adjust its angle and deal with any spurs or nicks that might have developed.
  • You need to sharpen your knife at least once a year, and if you are not able to do it yourself, have a professional do it for you.