Don’t Do This When Your Windshield Breaks

Whenever a car owner’s windshield breaks because of some reason, their first thought is always along the lines of who they can call to get it fixed real cheap. The lowest price option might seem like it’s also the best option but as far as windshields are concerned, you might be signing your own death certificate while trying to save money.

Even if a windshield is manufactured by the right company, it could just pop out while you’re driving. Yes, the way it’s installed is actually really important. Even when you’re driving at regular speeds, your car faces a lot of friction from the wind. This is distributed by the windshield but if the screen isn’t sealed correctly, it can pop out. When this happens, your car might just get crushed and all the passengers inside can die.

Even during an accident, when your car’s airbags are deployed, your windshield faces a lot of outward pressure that could blow it out if it isn’t installed correctly. A lot of people go to repair shops that offer cheap auto glass replacement and put themselves at these risks. Don’t be one of these people; look for a certified windshield repair service and save yourself.

Your car’s windshield is actually the number one safety restraint in the entire vehicle. If a repair service is offering you a replacement at your doorstep, it might not be doing everything necessary to properly install the windshield. This is a procedure that requires a lot of time and precision. Only certified repair centers have the equipment that can glue on the windshield and make sure that it’s sealed by the time it dries up. The windshield is not where you ought to be saving repair money.