Different Methods of Smoking

Your first experience with cannabis was probably the way a lot of other people first experienced it, so most likely at a social gathering and someone ends up offering you a joint or a hit from a bong, and once it kicks in, you realize that you want to explore this more. Now, there are is no one way to get stoned. You will find there are a lot of different ways people choose to get stoned and with so many different options available, you might not know where to start. So, we will do a quick rundown of three of the most preferred methods of smoking, and you can simply decide from there.

  • Joints happen to be one of the oldest methods of smoking and is a relatively simple one as well. You just need rolling paper and sometimes tobacco to assemble a joint, light it up and then use it. This is a really convenient option since you can easily use them, keep them hidden and even dispose of them quickly without it being a problem. However, you will not get as stoned as quickly with a joint like you would with a bong.
  • Bongs have a huge setup and that is their biggest disadvantage. Their assembly, then later dismantling and cleaning process is very troublesome as well. However, they get you stoned really quickly and with using very small amounts of weed, making them great for parties.
  • Glass pipes are known for their beautiful designs and colors that they come in. If you happen to be interested, you can check inventory from different suppliers to look for one with a look and design that might suit your needs. They are also known to give you the “purest” smoking experience since the smoke is not mixed with any other taste. So, you get to taste the substance entirely. However, it is relatively fragile and has to be replaced entirely if a part of it gets damaged.