A Look at Bail Bonds

If you have ever kept up with a court hearing or have watched the news regarding famous cases, we often come across the phrase “a bail amount has been set at *inset amount*.” Now, if you cannot fully grasp what this means, then this article can be helpful for you. A bail is technically the amount of money set by the court in order to release the defendant from police custody or jail. The amount of bail can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the type of crime that was committed.

Bail has to be paid in cash, and once you have paid bail, you will be released from police custody and will then show up to court for your hearing date. Now, if you are unable to pay bail at all, you can instead make use of a bail bond company and give the court a bail bond instead. In order to get a bail bond, you will first have to pay the bail bond company at least 10% of the actual bail amount in cash, and the bail bond company will then cover the rest of the money in court. However, they will still collect collateral from you, be it in the form of jewelry or a car and even your house if necessary. So, you can make use of Fairfield bail bonds if you are ever stuck in such a situation.

Once the bail bond has been given to the court, you are free. However, if you fail to show up to your hearing, the court will return the bail bond to the company, and they will then use all of your collateral to pay the remaining bail to the court. However, if you do show up to court and the case in concluded, your collateral will be returned to you entirely, and the bail bond company will only take the 10%